PokerTH 1.1.1

Play a game of poker using this realistic simulator

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    Windows XP / Windows 2000 / Windows 8 / Windows Vista / Windows 7

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PokerTH is a great download that allows users to play Texas Hold 'Em style poker against their computers, over their LANs (local area networks), or over the web. Casual users that play card games on their computers only have access to a few classic games such as Solitaire or Free Cell, but PokerTH brings a new interface to the Windows environment that allows them to play Texas Hold 'Em in a variety of styles.

Because PokerTH is designed like other card game software, it's likely that you'll be up and going as soon as it's installed on your computer. In PokerTH, a user can play against a maximum of six opponents, and these can be either real people or computer-controlled. To play other people, you will need to set up a LAN game or an internet-based match.

A LAN game is set up by installing a copy of PokerTH on each computer that will be used in the game, and making sure that they are all connected to the same network. One computer on the network will serve as the host and create the game so that others can connect to it. An internet-based game can be accessed by connecting to PokerTH's servers. Before connecting, ensure that your network's NAT type is open and that there are no port restrictions that could interfere with PokerTH's connection the internet. Also, ensure that firewall and antivirus software white lists have PokerTH added to them.

Using the settings in PokerTH allows users to take full control over how exactly the program works, as well as how the games are set up.

Recent changes that have been made to PokerTH include optimization for netbooks by adding a resolution selection option of 1024x600, a larger window icon, compatibility fixes, and more.


  • PokerTH is completely free to play and utilizes fake money.
  • The software supports a maximum of six players (computer or real people).
  • The program makes it easy to play against other people over a LAN or via the internet.


  • The internet capability of PokerTH might be erroneous if the router or network settings do not allow the program internet access.

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